Balai sa San Juan Booking & Resort Policies


Booking Policies

  1. 50% Down payments to confirm bookings. You can also deposit directly at any UCPB Branch. Fax a copy of your validated deposit slip for confirmation.
  2. For now, we are not accepting credit cards.
  3. On cancellation charges:
    • 100% of total package if cancellation was made on the day of the actual stay
    • 80% of total package price if cancellation was made:
      • For 4 rooms below – one day before actual stay
      • For more than 5 rooms – 3 days before actual stay
    • 50% of total package price if cancellation was made
    • For 4 rooms below – 2 days before actual stay
    • For more than 5 rooms – 4 days before actual stay
  4. Corkage fee – 200/bottle, softdrinks & beers 200/case is consumable against juice & softdrinks only.
  5. Unconsumed package non-refundable
  6. If you have cancellation, please advice 2 days before the booking date.
  7. Cash payment only.
  8. For companies, deduction of withholding tax is allowd upon billing, bring BIR form 2307 and for the VAT tax reduction, zero vat certification is needed. If none, please coordinate at the Manila booking office for a refund.
  9. Please tell us about your dietary concerns so we can advise the resort. (vegetarian, etc)
  10. Senior Citizen ID is needed to avail 20% discount.



Resort Policies – Balai sa San Juan

  1. Pets are allowed but off limits at dining area during meal time.
  2. Please be considerate with other guests.
  3. Avoid loud music/talking during sleeping hours (10pm – 6am)
  4. Swimwear required in swimming pool. You may wear light colored clothes.
  5. Swimming pool time – until 9:00 pm || Beach swimming time – until 6:00pm
  6. Videoke room – cut off 12:00am
  7. Daytrippers may only use the common toilet and bath. If daytrippers wish to avail a room, it will cost an additional 2,500 pesos. (room w/ aircon)